I don’t wear makeup bc I don’t have too…….



BEFORE (No make up edits or anything)                    AFTER ( Face straight beat)

Where to start…….Where to start??? I absolutely HATE hearing or seeing (on social networking sites) people say this! No one has to wear makeup clearly it is an option. Me personally I wear it because I am and aspiring MUA. I’m a walking billboard! I can’t walk around saying that I’m a MUA and don’t have on any makeup where’s the sense in that???  Thats like some one saying they’re the best basketball player in the world but no one has ever seen them play. Just doesn’t make any sense!  See me I love this skin I’m in I personally think I’m just as beautiful with make up as I am without it. What most people don’t realize is that make up enhances whats already there! The key to beautiful make up is having a beautiful foundation underneath.

Now In my opinion (since this is MY blog) the reason I think people say this is because they lack the skills of proper makeup application so instead of doing the research to learn these things they would rather down the next person who does. It boggles my mind how people will go get their hair done, nails done, eyebrows threaded/waxed to go to the club but won’t wear makeup. Is it that they don’t know better??? Maybe?? When I go out I get all of that done plus my face is beat! and I LOVE it!! I love all of the attention/ compliments I love standing out in a crowd thats just me! In which you don’t have to like it but don’t judge me bc this is what I LOVE!

Now with all of that being said give me the big hair hair, Bright multi-colored eyes, Pink lips and I am happy (which at the end of the day is all that matters). I know I am beautiful with and without makeup! some people just need to step out of their box a realize everyone is not meant to be a plain jane I mean some of us were born to stand out (ie..ME)  So hold your opinion and know that YES I’m comfortable with myself, NO I don’t have to wear makeup, and YES I can walk around with a face full of makeup as I can without it!  The key phrase in this entire blog is: MAKEUP ENHANCES WHAT IS ALREADY THERE!!!!


FOTD:08-06-12 Black Barbie edition

So today I decided to do a pink and purple smokey eye with a bright pink lip that put me in the mind of a Barbie. ImageImageImageImage

Products Used:


MAC Mineralized foundation SPF 15 in NW45

NYX HD concealer in Nutmeg

Loreal True Match Powder in N8 

MAC mineralize skinfinsh in Natural Deep Dark

Blush ELF’s Pink Passion




All eyeshadow came from the Sedona Lace 168 Palette 



W&W Don’t blink Pink 


Going out FOTN: 07-27-12


So my bestfriend and I decided to go out this past Friday to celebrate her Bday so this is the look I decided to go with. The look was inspired by Youtube’s lilpumpkinpie05 latest video. I absolutely love how the look turned out and I received so many compliments that I decided to do a face of the night blog!

Products Used:


Foundation MAC’s pro long wear in NW 45

Concealor MAC’s Studio sculpt in NW 45

Undereye Concealor Rimmel Londons Match Perfection Concealor in 430 Medium 

Face Powder MAC’s Studio Fix powder in NW 45

Setting Powder MUFE HD translucent setting powder


Inner tearduct Light shimmery teal from 168 palette

Lid Rasberry pink from 168 palette

Outer V and lower lashline MUFE #92

Glitter: Pink, Light purple , and a white with pink reflects from Claire’s Glitter stack


Revlon’s Almost Nude

A Look Using Fantastic Faces Cosmetics……

So I decided to do a look using products that I’ve purchased from Fantastic Faces Cosmetics. These pigments and lip jellies are ridiculously pigmented, whatever the color of the product in the jar thats the color it it when put on. I think everyone should give this product line a try because it is definitely worth every cent that you spend……Image



Products used:



Omazing Pigment

Flame Pigment

Sea Bliss Pigment



Tsunami Lip Jelly (It was used on top of a white base to lighten the color)